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Our Power Curber 5700 C is a world leading concrete slipforming machine.

As well as pave and gutter work, the fast and agile Power Curber 5700 C can be used for motorway barriers, irrigation channels, drains and steps. With left-hand and right-hand pour, a tight turning circle, and a range of moulds to extend it application even more, the Power Curber 5700 C is one machine for multiple uses.

Download the Power Curber 5700-C brochure for all applications and specifications

Click on the images below to see just some of the things you could with a 5700 C power slipforming machine!

Power Curber 5700c Kerbing machine laying road kerbing for new housing estate Concrete step barrier for a motorway central barrierV shape mould for slipforming drains